About Us


Airware specializes in the development of autopilots for unmanned aircraft systems. Created as the development platform for extending the innovative capabilities of unmanned aircraft to entrepreneurs, educators, and enthusiasts, the os-Series autopilots allow users to create unique unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for specific applications while maintaining their own intellectual property.

Providing unprecedented utility for users looking to integrate unmanned aircraft technology into their projects, the design of the os-Series autopilots combine modular hardware, an embedded Linux computer, and open architecture software released under a royalty-free license. This allows users to rapidly create a fully functional unmanned aircraft by integrating an os-Series autopilot in its ‘out of the box’ configuration, and then pushes the bounds of innovation by enabling users to create and retain their own intellectual property by modifying and extending the software in tailored applications for their particular UAS.

Designed to accommodate all types of aircraft, os-Series Autopilots are offered in three form factors (osFlexPilot, osFlexQuad, and osNanoPilot), to be integrated on fixed wing aircraft, conventional helicopter configurations, or multi-rotor configurations (including quadcopter aircraft). Additionally, each autopilot provides power, communication, and control to multiple independent payloads, furthering the utilization of unmanned aircraft technology in novel and innovative applications. Given the meticulous level of engineering found within the os-Series autopilots, both the software and user interface are designed for integration on a wide range of aircraft, from configurations that weigh just over one pound to aircraft with wingspan of several feet.


While developing small UAS, we at Airware grew frustrated with the inflexible and costly autopilots on the market, as these ‘black box’ autopilots limited our ability to add enhanced features to our UAS, integrate novel payloads, and access critical data. With the number of UAS applications rapidly growing, we saw that UAS manufacturers without strong in-house autopilot solutions were struggling to differentiate their products from competitors and develop UAS for new applications. We founded Airware in 2010, with UAS industry veterans and alumni of MIT and Georgia Tech, to change the relationship between UAS and autopilot manufacturers by providing an autopilot that functions as a development platform that enables intellectual property creation and ownership. Equipped with expert technical staff, strong professional partnerships, and an established domestic supply chain, Airware is ready to help you take the next step in your UAS development.


Airware’s engineering staff has over 30 years of UAS industry experience with many having played integral roles on Frontier Systems’ Maverick and Boeing’s A160T Hummingbird and Phantom Eye UAS programs. Our staff capabilities span all skillsets required for UAS development including expertise in: Guidance Navigation and Controls, mission software development, embedded hardware design, payload integration, and flight testing.


We partner with customers to provide support tailored to the specific needs of their UAS program. This approach enables our customers to maximize the full potential of their UAS by utilizing the complete array of functionality provided with our autopilots.  Additional services include general hardware and software support, custom hardware development based on our modular design, custom software, autopilot/UAS integration, and on-site testing and integration.