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Airware's 2017 Predictions

In his 2016 AUVSI keynote, John Chambers predicted that 2017 would be an inflection point for the commercial drone industry. We couldn’t agree more. Trends in technology, the business atmosphere and regulatory environment are all coming together to make this the year when large enterprises take deployments to scale across entire business units, conducting thousands of commercial drone flights.

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2017: FAA Expands the Horizon

The commercial drone industry received a much-anticipated green light in 2016 with the release of Part 107, a set of FAA rules that allow widespread use of drones for commercial applications. But some applications for commercial drone technology require further regulatory development. There are three main areas in which commercial drone regulations are expected to develop in 2017.

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2017: Integration and Autonomy Make Strides

Commercial drones have become one of the most promising segments of enterprise technology, promising to revolutionize the way businesses digitize their operations and interact with the physical world. In 2017, significant advances will be made in two key areas of commercial drone technology.

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Small UAS Rule, Big Opportunities

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Commercial Drone Regulations: FAQ

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Aerial Insights: From an Emmy to Aerial Imagery

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Aerial Insights: UAV Research at Georgia Tech

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GE Ventures invests in Airware

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Commercial Drone Revolution