All Airware autopilots are delivered with a powerful set of software features already included. Additionally, our software is provided with the source code, under a royalty-free license, allowing users to modify, extend, or add features through our hardware independent API, the Unified Autopilot Interface (UAI). This provides users the ability to develop and control their own intellectual property, enabling modifications, extensions, and additional capabilities to be included in user controlled proprietary products. This type of architecture also facilitates seamless software updates, provided at no additional cost.

Features of Airware’s current software offerings include:

  • Platforms supported: fixed-wing, conventional helicopters, quad/hex/octa rotor aircraft  
  • Waypoint following (fly-through and stop-at)
  • Autonomous take-off and landing
  • Control modes: attitude, velocity, position, airspeed, altitude, ground-track    
  • Loiter and Precision 3D hover-hold
  • Onboard data logging: INS values, controller values, integrator states, operator inputs, & custom
  • GPS stare-at
  • Pan and tilt servo control for cameras
  • Telemetry downlink
  • Fail-safe modes enabling manual control
  • Autopilot assisted manual steering modes

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