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Commercial Site Inspection

Inspecting a commercial site for underwriting, loss prevention, and claims adjustment comes with inherent challenges. Airware’s solution for commercial site inspection results in a faster, safer, and more complete data collection process.


Aerial Insights on YouTube and iTunes

Commercial drones will give us the insight to make better decisions, improve the way we work and better our world. Watch Aerial Insights to meet the people, companies and innovators behind this technology.

on YouTube | A Series on the Commercial Drone Industry

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Airware: Powering Drones for the Enterprise

Airware's operating system powering drones for the enterprise

Aerial Rooftop Inspection for Insurance

Autonomous commercial drones will increase operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience in the insurance industry

Meet Jay, Insurance Adjuster

Meet Jay, an insurance adjuster who traded in his ladder and tape measure for a drone. "I could do every house on this corner. It took 5 minutes to fly the drone for something that would've taken an hour to inspect on my feet, and it's more complete."

Site Management with Airware's Redbird Solution

Construction and mining companies use the Airware solution to optimize efficiency, trim costs and monitor site compliance

Customer Story: A2C Materiaux, Quarry Operator

Hear from one of our customers, A2C Materiaux, who believes that in the near future quarry monitoring around the world will be done exclusively with drones

Commercial Drone Solutions for Telecom

Autonomous commercial drones are changing the way telecom companies are auditing and inspecting wireless infrastructure

Infrastructure Inspection for Utilities

Autonomous commercial drones are deployed to inspect and maintain transmission lines, corridors, substations, and supporting equipment

Learn about the NASA UTM Project

Airware was proud to partner with NASA on the first air traffic control demonstration for drones at the UTM Convention

Meet the Team

Get a glimpse into why we are passionate about our work at Airware

Meet Jonathan

Our Founder & CEO on the story behind Airware

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Meet Buddy

Our CTO on the technologies, research and expertise behind our platform

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Meet Hui

"Good companies make good products, but great companies really think about the future"

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Meet Brian

"We want commercial drones to make intelligent decisions and that's what we're doing at Airware"

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Meet John

Our Director of Customer Implementation on integrating and launching vehicles powered by Airware

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The Airware Internship Program

Hear from some of our interns about their experience at Airware

Meet Ostin

Hear how Ostin found a new career path during his Airware internship