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Mines and quarries are leveraging drones and drone-enabled analytics to improve operational efficiency and worker safety.

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World-class insurance companies look to Airware to help them improve productivity, operational efficiency, and worker safety.

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Property managers can rapidly and repeatedly collect and analyze comprehensive imagery of their assets to proactively mitigate risks and extend the life of their assets.

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“Some of our projects group say if we quit sending them drone data, they don’t know how they could do their job anymore. They use it in pre-bid meetings. They use it in pre-bid walks. They do it on project requests. They’ve grown so accustomed to it in a short amount of time and can’t even remember how they did it in the past.” - Ben McKnight, Chief Surveyor at Barrick

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From Rock to Road

Caterpillar is transforming the work site, helping customers digitize their mines, quarries, and construction sites. The Airware solution is there with you from rock to road throughout the paving process.

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Bechtel, the largest construction company in the United Sates, is using Airware to give its teams access to fresh, high-resolution maps of their sites, giving the teams the ability to see exact site conditions in near-real time, and powerful analytics to improve operational efficiency, worker safety, and productivity. Take a look.