San Francisco, CA April 10, 2018
Customer Story

Leaders in the aggregates industry are leveraging drones and aerial data to digitize their job sites. Last month Airware joined industry-leaders Luck Stone and Caterpillar for an education session at AGG1 Academy & Expo on how businesses are improving efficiency, safety, and their bottom line with enterprise drone analytics. These educational sessions help aggregates industry professionals learn best practices, discover new technologies, and develop skills in topic areas related to aggregates production, safety, technology, management, and environmental stewardship.  If you missed it, watch the video here:


Airware is an enterprise drone analytics company enabling enterprises to harness aerial data and turn it into valuable business insights that can be shared and acted on across sites, teams, and geographies. Our solutions enable enterprises to reinvent their organizations for the digital era by translating aerial data into business impact. Drones are enabling companies to more efficiently and effectively capture data, and Airware allows enterprises to integrate this data with existing information and workflows to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. Airware provides aerial insights drone solutions for insurance, mining, construction, and aggregates.

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Customer Story

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