San Francisco, CA November 28, 2017
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French quarry operator Novacarb, located in the eastern part of France, is digitizing its operations thanks to cutting-edge processes to track blasting, quarry evolution, and on-site operations. Their ever-growing workload and quarry expansion has made drone-acquired data a necessity for the quarry’s production and evolution.

Led by Hervé Van Troost, Chief Operating Officer, the Pagny-sur-Meuse site is 615 acres and produces 1.5 million metric tonnes of limestone per year, making it one of the top three producers of sodium carbonate and bicarbonate in Europe. As the site expands, informed decision-making and accurate data are required to maintain a deep understanding of site operations. Hervé says the biggest takeaway that he has learned in his career is the importance of ensuring that the next generation of site managers can easily take over the reins.

Learn more about the team at Novacarb and how they are improving site productivity, safety, and efficiency to better plan for the future.


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