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A Global Network

Join a global network of dealers transforming work sites with commercial drones and data analytics. Help your customers optimize their site operations, ensure compliance with safety rules, and gain better visibility and insight across all of their job sites. Expand your business by offering the Airware aerial insights drone solutions and help your customers digitize and optimize operations.

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“We are committed to bringing cutting-edge technology and world-class services to our customers. Airware is an established leader in putting drones to work for mining, construction, and quarrying. They understand the needs of our customers, what it takes to scale operations, and the importance of offering industry-specific analytics to drive better decision making. We’re proud to bring Airware to our customers.”

– Greg Arranz, General Manager, SITECH at Bergerat Monnoyeur

Advanced Analytics from the Sky

Airware’s complete solutions consist of a cloud-based platform to manage, process, view, analyze, and collaborate around data for mining, quarry and construction sites and advanced analytics modules to improve productivity, efficiency, and site safety. We also offer Capture Kits for autonomous aerial data collection, if needed. Today, teams from around the world are using the Airware solution to monitor day-to-day progress of their sites to improve productivity, worker safety, and operational efficiency.

Why become an Airware dealer?

Our customers must manage mobile equipment and operations on a constantly evolving site, on a daily basis, in a safe way. To make it profitable, it requires timely access to data in the right format to predict, control and adjust to a variety of situations. Enable your customers to create digital versions of their worksites and give them insights to help increase productivity and safety on their sites. With Airware, dealers get a better understanding of their customers’ operations and the ability to better meet and anticipate their needs.

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