Extract the Most Current Geometry of your Haul Roads

The condition of your haul roads impacts machine efficiency, productivity, and safety. They require ongoing monitoring and upkeep. The Haul Road Module automatically extracts the most current geometry and conditions of your haul roads after each aerial survey to give you the insight necessary to improve worksite operational efficiency. These analytics are overlaid on the latest aerial survey of your site and can be easily viewed, navigated, filtered, and shared.

Interactive Haul Road Analytics

Whether you are in the haul road design and construction phase, or you are looking to maintain and optimize an active site, the Haul Road Module provides insight to help you.

The workflow is simple: an operator flies the site with a drone and uploads the imagery to Airware. Access road boundaries, widths, grades, crests, and crossfalls. A window above each section provides you with slope, length, and elevation change.

Annotate problem areas and share your notes with team members to make more-informed decisions. Look at pinch points where traffic converges. Analyze grades that are steep and may be problematic for many vehicles. Identify uneven, degraded surfaces that may cause unnecessary tire wear, and poor drainage that may result in pooling.

Haul Road Construction Monitoring

Use this during construction to monitor contractor progress and pay quantities, and help ensure curves, grades, and crossfalls fall within desired limits.

Haul Road Condition & Maintenance

Identify haul road remediation needs before problems arise, such as the narrowing of roads, grades that become too steep, uneven terrain, and poor drainage.

Additional Modules

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