Support your Safety Roadmap

A unified view of your site and its operational activities gives your team a broader understanding of site status and the ability to proactively address safety issues. The Safety Module has been designed with the Site Manager, VP of Operations, and EHS employee in mind. Think of it as a visual set of tools to help support your safety roadmap. It helps ensure compliance with safety requirements, avoid fines, minimize shutdowns, and improve regulatory and community relations. Minimize Violations per Inspection Days (VPIDs) and Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIRs), and maximize the number of days without an accident or shutdown.

Site Awareness

Surveying a site on foot with a notepad in hand often results in incomplete analysis that is imprecise and difficult to share. Site awareness means you can visualize your site in novel ways and be proactive about identifying potential hazards. Collaborative tools empower colleagues to make smarter decisions about how work is done in a given day. The workflow is simple: an operator flies the site with a drone and uploads the imagery to Airware. All safety-related analytics are automatically extracted and visualized in an intuitive, interactive form. Analytics from past surveys can be compared side-by-side with the most recent survey to demonstrate improvements over time in the spirit of maintaining a transparent safety-performance culture.

Safety Berm & Block Analytics

View safety berm heights, crests, and toes, as well as safety block heights, which are all overlaid on the latest drone-collected map of your site. Areas of concern are color-coded, such as a berm height that is nearing an unsafe height or a block that is not compliant. Compliance values are calibrated to your on-site equipment fleet, which are customizable and adhere to MSHA 30 CFR 56.9300 or European standards, depending on your geography.

Highwall & Bench Analytics

Highwall toes (dotted yellow) and bench heights (solid orange) are visible to help you easily distinguish edges. Highwall heights are color coded by elevation. You can hover over a marking to view the height at a given spot, enabling monitoring of a bench nearing a non-compliant height, which may have ramifications for future blasting plans.

Impact areas are displayed to help visualize risk from collapsing highwalls and rock roll. The proximity of adjacent highwalls is factored into impact area calculations. Haul roads should not intersect with impact areas, which can be confirmed visually in Airware.

Additional Modules

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