Boost Visibility into Your Inventory

With the Stockpile Module, you get greater visibility of your inventory to help you meet demand, plan production, reduce working capital, and more easily attain accounting goals. Save time with this automated inventory reporting toolset that eliminates the need to manually measure stockpiles by automatically identifying and measuring stockpiles for you. And with the Stockpile Module dashboard, you’ll get a site-wide view of inventories by date, volume, weight, and material type.

Automated Stockpile Volumes & Tonnage

Automated stockpile reports save you time and support your month-end close process so that you can deliver information timely and accurately. With the Stockpile Module, avoid having a surveyor come out and climb each stockpile or interrupt operations. The workflow is very simple: an operator flies the site with a drone and uploads the imagery to Airware. All stockpiles are automatically identified and measured as an input to your accounting process. All measurements are quality-checked before delivery to you. View individual volumes, areas, heights, and tonnage, by simply hovering over a stockpile. Easily export this information to your ERP software of choice. Both visual reports (.pdf) and tabular reports (.csv) are created.

Complex Volume Assessments

The Stockpile Module can carry out more complex volume assessments, such as stockpiles on uneven ground or against a wall, or when equipment, like conveyor belts, extends over a stockpile.

Material Type Classification

Understanding each stockpile’s material type is key to gaining a complete picture of your inventory. Customize material types in your settings and track every material produced and stored on your site.

Inventory Dashboard

Use the interactive analytics dashboard to view site statistics in one place. This dashboard provides an overview of your inventory across all of your sites, total volume per site over time, and volume per material type. For easy sharing, print or export .pdf and .csv files, which include inventory tables and stockpile locations.

Additional Modules

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