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Our customers use our enterprise drone solutions to ensure compliance, enhance worker safety, and capture more accurate, repeatable data to improve decision-making. Interested in how aerial data could impact your business? Let us help.



Airware applies expertise in technology, regulations, and flight operations to create commercial drone solutions for the enterprise. We help companies answer questions about the technical, economic and operational feasibility of using commercial drones. We will work with you to identify business requirements and develop a solution that fits your business.



Our software integrates with most IT systems, enabling companies to integrate drones and aerial data into business processes and software like enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), and geographic information systems (GIS). Airware works with customers to help them understand where commercial drones can improve their business and create a plan for their integration.



We will help you navigate the complex regulatory environment for commercial drones. Airware is one of the most active companies influencing commercial drone standards and regulations, working with the FAA, NASA, ASTM, RTCA and MITRE corporation to integrate drones into the National Airspace System. We have unmatched access to testing and operations in the United States, and our software includes features built to simplify compliance with civil aviation regulations.


Data Management

The Airware Cloud is built to handle the IT challenges inherent in capturing and managing high-resolution data via commercial drones. Our solution enables planning and execution of flights and secure storage, management, and analysis of aerial data. By working with Airware, enterprises can put drones to work collecting high-value, actionable data with minimal IT investment.


Training and Support

From in-field operations to data analysis, our highly-dedicated, multidisciplinary team of UAV systems engineers, developers, and geospatial professionals offers training services and support for every stage of the commercial drone workflow. Whether you plan to work with a third party to collect aerial data or build a complete in-house commercial drone operation, we offer the training and support to enable it.

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Airware helps companies use aerial data to minimize operating costs, mitigate safety risks, and improve decision-making. Get started today.